3D Visualisation

What is CGI Animation?

In many ways, CGI is similar to traditional photography in that you have a subject, a camera and an environment. The difference is that the subject exists as a 3D model and the camera and studio are virtual.

3D Model

With CGI, everything begins with a 3D model. We can import CAD data or create models from concept sketches or technical drawings. Just as with stock images, there are also libraries of 3D models available that can be used to build up a scene. Here, we have modeled a simple sparkplug, but we are virtually unlimited in terms of what we can model.

3D Visualisation

Compellingly realistic product visualisation, 3D graphics and technical illustration

Interactive Viewers

Engage your audience with 360° viewers, product configurators and interactive graphics

Creative Imagery

We can visualise your creative ideas and provide the imagery to bring them to life. We create photo realistic product visualisations for product designers, in house marketing teams, advertising and creative agencies. Converting new product designs and ideas into compellingly realistic images that enable new products to be presented and marketed, both in print and interactively online - all before the production has even started. In addition, the stunningly sharp, blemish free, consistent images are perfect for marketing and advertising and are a cost effective alternative to producing presentation models and having them photographed. Digitally prototype new product designs, quickly and cost-efficiently explore new design concepts and material variations, all with minimal implementation.

Architectural 3d Visualisation

GFM designer offer the highest quality architectural photography, CGI visualisations and animations to construction professionals, developers and designers. We bring early concepts to life, successfully illustrate developing and approved schemes, and portray finished buildings to the very highest of standards. As a multidisciplinary business, Infinite 3D offers a range of associated and complementary services:

Photo-real rendered images

Photo montage composite views

Publishable quality photography

HD animations

Working closely with design teams, our 3D has proven instrumental in progressing developments of all scales both nationally and internationally - including domestic and residential planning applications, significant retail developments and master plan proposals for prestigious sports venues. GFM designer have built a reputation for offering affordable, quality work in both 3D and photography, exceeding client expectations and consistently meeting short deadlines within the tightest of budgets. We're a unique team that mixes large studio talent and experience with small studio overheads and passion.


We have years of experience in this field and continue to push the boundaries of the 3D environment and the limitations of the technology used to produce our stills and animations. Together as a team, our staff boast a combined experience of over 50 years in the 3D industry. The team come from different walks of life but are all highly experienced in their respective fields and share one common goal... to captivate your audience.

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