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Outsourcing beginning the day, Companies and Business owners found pay for IT Contract Developers / Programmers to complete the project is the best way to complete their job with nice cost savings. Plus NO taxation, high salaries, benefits, or tons of obligations that comes in addition to hiring a permanent in-house Staff. This motivated us to provide all such benefits to our clients while working with offshore software development outsourcing staff. With much better control over their virtual staff then any of our competitors! At GFM , we assure you to get skilled certified world-class software developers.
Developers are trained to work for you at the same work hours. Whether you need one or more resource(s) for support to your ongoing development team growth, R&D, Product development, system maintenance and enhancement, we provide proficient, managed, technical professionals at a substantial savings. The developers will work and be managed at our end -following directives from your end. Now you can recruit and hire individual employees or a team of programmers, software developers, coders and designers; who will work for you exclusively, on your project/s, on full time equivalent (FTE) basis. .

Hire Developer has been one of our most successful services. WorkAnt Hire Developer is one of the most demanded services enjoying the greatest popularity of offshore development requirements. It will boost the scale of your IT development and will save you as much as 60% of your IT spending by cutting costs – just see our prices below.

Our office facilities ensures that a dedicated web developer or an entire project team is able to focus on your task alone, hence making WorkAnt Hire Developer a unique experience that adds muscle to your team without the cost of infrastructure, recruitment and perks. You can hire a programmer or a web designer to work with you to meet your goals.

All of our staff is highly experienced professionals with excellent development and communication skills. Once a developer is assigned to your project, they work on your project until its completion. We do not change developers throughout the project unless you request to do so.

Benefits of hiring a developer from WorkAnt Hire Developer are tremendous:

There is a dedicated developer working on your project to meet your timeline.

There is tremendous amount of saving in infrastructure, recruitment and perks.

You can pay month by month or long term to meet your needs. There are no hidden charges involved.

You are working with highly skilled professional with utmost trust. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Communication with your developer is of utmost importance – hence the developers will send a daily status report of work done and are available during the office hours via e-mail or Messaging system.

You own all the rights to the source code developed by the developer.

Just talk to us to find out how we can help reduce your cost of development for your next project.

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