Back To Buy / Pay Per Click Do you know that more than 90% of website visitors leave before making a transaction? Retargeting allows you to find your previous website visitors across the internet and display relevant banners to drive them back to your website to complete their transaction. Bringing ready-to-buy users back to your website after they left should be a key part of your customer acquisition and conversion strategy. GFM designer provides a breakthrough dynamic personalised retargeting solution.

GFM designer has revolutionised retargeting with the most sophisticated form of dynamic personalised retargeting. Over the past decade there has been a slow evolution of retargeting. This third generation of retargeting enables an advertiser to show each lost visitor a unique banner based on his/her very specific past interactions on the advertiser’s website. This new form of retargeting involves on-the-fly, real-time personalised banner creation and has a dramatic impact on campaign performance.

Retargeting Banner Ad Types

Basic Static

User Segmented

Dynamic Personalization

Single banner design and offer.

Limited banner designs. Not personalised

Personalised ads based onproducts viewed.

GFM Designer Personalised

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Personalised retargeting allows you to effectively re-engage with your potential customers after they leave your website using targeted advertising banners. While browsing your website, we tag your potential customers with an anonymous cookie* and tracks the product they have shown interest in. When potential customers leave your website and visit other pages on the Internet, we find your lost prospects and retargets them with unique personalised banner ads featuring product-level recommendations based on their browsing history on your website. Each GFM designer banner is created per viewer in real-time optimising the placement, creative and products displayed to achieve the highest click-through-rate (CTR). Our dynamic banner ads bring ready-to-buy shoppers back to your website to complete their transaction.


Personalised Message + Campaign Control + Measurable Results + Resource Savings = Phenomenal ROI

Display a personalised message to an ultra qualified audience

Focused ROI. Retargeting only potential customers that have previously been to your websites allows you to personalise your marketing message and focus your efforts on your most valuable prospects.

Have total control of your campaign

Manage your ROI. GFM designer enables you to have full control on the campaign length and budget spent. You can adjust and optimize your CPC to achieve your desired results at any time. GFM designer can also automatically optimise the campaign depending on the performance and strategy for your site.

See immediate and measurable results

Discover real ROI. GFM designer offers attractive CPC pricing for personalised retargeted banners. As a result each, every penny spent is an investment in a potential customer.

Due to the precisely targeted and snature of this type of advertising, the post-click conversion rates are significantly higher than other types of advertising.

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