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Technological advances in computer hardware and software make it possible to deliver longer, higher resolution learning program video sequences and rich media elements than ever before – directly to your desktop over the Internet. We are a different video production company, design led, brand aware and meticulous how you come across to your customers. We like being different. We are always keen tio bring a sparkle to brands, we are keen to impress. 

GFM designer remains on the cutting edge of high-end media production with the most current equipment, a state-of-the-art photo and video studio, and a full-feature audio suite. We have access to and expertise in the latest versions of all major media software applications (and publish industry-renown training for these applications). Fully equipped studios for media rich training experiences – Studios for videography, still photography, green-screen capture, audio recording and mixing, and more, where we've produced thousands of interactive e-Learning courses. Cutting-edge software – Deep experience with all of the most recent media applications, file formats, high-resolution imagery and high fidelity audio, and "niche" applications for special effects and unique requirements.

All content is supported by major platforms including Element K's KnowledgeHub LMS.  You want to engage your audience, and video and rich media can help you connect with your audience in new ways. We can help you find the right audience with our Global Web Alliance and easily deliver creative to that audience in a wide range of digital formats, including video and other innovative rich media formats. From pre-roll and mid-roll to post-roll and in-banner to Flash, we’ll explore the types of rich media advertising that are right for you.

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