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A vision for future and ear to the now! Understand the landscape of an everlasting world of consumer perceptions. Know where you are to enable you to reach your destination. We try and understand consumer behaviour via social listening straddling both digital and traditional. We understand cultural trends, the competitive landscape and how consumers perceive your brand. Ongoing listening, we observe and read the changes and uncover new opportunities. Bridge the gap from insight into action, useful information like brand health, competitor activity and growth opportunities. We analyse consumer's digital footprint  to uncover specific passion points that drive behaviour. Illuminates the path to purchase, a map delivery on-line and offline insights. By revealing market motivation and brand points. 


A list of key phrases your competitors are targeting:

A report on your competitors’ sites including the level of SEO they have employed

A monthly research report on where and how your competitors are promoting their sites

By using competitive research for SEO and search engine marketing, it can help you determine what your competitors are doing, what keywords they are using, what sites have backlinks to them and whether they are using a pay per click campaign for specific keywords to strengthen their search engine marketing potential. By conducting in-depth SEO competitive research, including keyword selection, meta-tag content, page content, link popularity and search engine ranking, we can determine what is working or not working for your major competitors and use it to your advantage.

Through SEO competitive research, you can identify your competitor’s strengths and weakness and see what SEO techniques they are using. Our SEO competitive research will tell you the challenges your own website may be faced with when there is a side-by-side comparison and give you an indication of how hard it will be to get above them in search engine rankings.

SEO competitive research allows you to understand why your competitors are successful and what SEO techniques they are using and then use this knowledge to improve your own search engine results.

If you're serious about your online business then SEO competitive research must be an integral part of your search engine marketing efforts. It is time consuming to research, review and compare your website with your competitors but by doing so it will improve your overall SEO campaign and help achieve a higher ranking in search engines.


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