Our Philosophy

"Customers are our top priority". All employees will strive to meet customer needs.

Continuous improvement

Everyone will be actively involved in the continuous improvement of all company activities. Open communication will be the key to our effective working at all levels in the company. We will strive to create an environment that encourages employee involvement and team work. We will constantly upgrade technical skills and take pride in keeping our surroundings immaculately clean. An acute environmental consciousness will be inculcated.

Employees are our most valuable assets

All employees will be treated with respect and dignity, recognition being given to the value of each individual's contribution and achievement. Employees will also treat each other with concern and dignity, lending each other a helping hand whenever they can.

Responsibility for actions

Our business will be conducted in such a way that organizationally and as individuals we accept that we have a responsibility towards the customer, towards the company and towards each other. Our actions and decisions should be taken accordingly.

Education & empowerment of employees

We will continuously strive to upgrade employee skills by imparting education, offering training and encouraging varied skills.


We specialise in producing all our clients printed materials to the highest environmental standards. Our unique Naturally Responsible approach ensures that our customers’ best environmental practice approach is communicated to all their stakeholders, further adding value and substance to their report. Paper based communications are only part of the GFM designer story, obviously Waterless printing and Digital printing are the core capabilities of our business. However Digital media and E:solutions are now a fundamental offering at GFM designer, which enables us to work in partnership with our clients and help to generate significant value –

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