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Optimisation Platform / PPC Company/ PPC Agency:

GFM designer, PPC agency, PPC services, Performance Optimisation Platform brings self-service functionality, power and flexibility of search to display advertising. Take complete control of your display campaigns with maximum insights of your campaign performance.

GFM designer Performance Optimisation Platform Features:

Enhanced Reporting Dashboard – Enables real-time monitoring of campaign results to see how each CPC bid is affecting specific category and overall campaign performance

Real Time 24/7 Campaign Performance:

Customizable graphical display of metrics Complete campaign statistics – including: impressions, clicks, CTR, COS, Post click sales and more.

Real-Time CPC Bidding Tool – CPC can be set and modified online 24/7 affecting campaign performance immediately, providing total campaign controlAdjust CPC via online tool, changes take place immediately.

Optimise your campaign in real-time

CPC Bidding by Category – Advertisers can adjust CPC for each customised product category, allowing them to optimise cost-of-sales by category

Set and adjust CPC by product category

Customise categories based unique criteria

Control overall campaign cost-of-sales

Acquisition Funnel Management – Advertisers can create differentiated campaigns (with specific CPCs) depending on where customers are in the acquisition funnel: cold prospects, hot prospects, first time buyers, repeat buyers

Budget Renewal Tool – Advertisers can monitor and replenish campaign budget as needed in order to keep campaigns running smoothly

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