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GFM designer should be an excellent choice for book cover and page layout design. Our cover design artists are professional graphic designers who have designed dozens of book covers for leading publishers and have won many awards for superior design. Your book cover design is the most important advertising element in selling your book. That is why your book layout design must have a professional appearance, with a cover design that will draw the attention of your target market. Book covers really do matter. Readers look at the front cover and the back cover and then quickly make buying decisions. Reviewers can only review a few books each week, so must select book covers that appear to be the most interesting. Your book cover must survive "the glance test" for both reviewers and book buyers!

GFM designer has 3 levels of services while designing a Book cover and page layouts:

Designing your book cover and interior pages.

Helping you choose an editor, proofreaders and/or printer.

Managing your publishing project including acting as a go-between with your editor, proofreaders and/or printer.

Important aspects kept in mind while design a professional book cover and page layout design:

Recommended book resources on design, layout, and typesetting

How a book cover design can propel your book sales

How to think like a book layout designer

How book development dictates design

How to prepare your content for page layouts

Understanding the various parts of a book

Understanding the idea-to-layout process

Book cover pitfalls

The book producing process

After your cover back design is perfectly and beautifully designed, we provide book printing services, book

printing UK, book printing companies and general book printing.

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