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By outsourcing your clipping path and photo pre-press service needs to us, you can make sure to always have the latest technology in the offshore pre-press field available, at the highest quality and the lowest cost. GFM designer graphic design agency, graphic design London is here to save you on costs. Photo Retouching, Picture Silhouetting, Clipping Paths, Photoshop Services, Image capture and assembly, Our scanning and desktop output services can accept you’re most artistic endeavours seamlessly and beautifully. On time. On budget. We accept all digital media, and ISDN for electronic transfer, Mac and PC based, and we'll supply film or prints, b/w and colour, separations, match prints and dye sub proofs. Photo Retouching, Picture Silhouetting, Clipping Paths, Photoshop Services, Image capture and assembly, Our scanning and desktop output services can accept your most artistic endeavors seamlessly and beautifully. On time. On budget.

Our Services Include:

Electronic pre-press services, film and/or print

Digital scanning black & white and colour

Colour separations from transparencies and reflective art

Image assembly, and manipulation - retouching, silhouettes

We accept all digital media, and ISDN for electronic transfer, Mac and PC based, and we'll supply film or prints, b/w and color, separations, matchprints and dyesub proofs.

Outsource prepress services to GFM

Does your organization have a large quantity of photographs to handle? Is your organization losing its focus on core competencies by focusing on prepress production? If your answer is yes to the above questions, then consider outsourcing prepress services to Outsource2india. We have expertise and experience in providing high-end digital prepress services. Our image editing customers have benefited from our level of expertise, quick turnaround time and cost-effective services. At GFM, we have a professional image editing team, who are skilled at color correction, photo manipulation, image blending, image stitching, color cast removal, sky change, perspective correction, image enhancement, conversion of raw images, photo restoration and image clipping amongst others. Outsource prepress services to GFM for efficient services that can increase your level of productivity.

Find out more about our prepress services for printing and publishing.

When you outsource to GFM, you can be assured that we will take care of all your prepress requirements from beginning to end. We use the latest in software and technology, to enable us to provide our customers with world-class prepress solutions. Outsourcing pre press solutions can help you save on time, effort and manpower, while getting access to expert prepress services. If your organization is providing pre press solutions, then we can help you handle your workload. We have extensive experience in providing digital prepress services for digital studios, organizations and photographers amongst others. By outsourcing pre press solutions to GFM, you can impress your customers with flawless images.

Prepress production includes an entire range of image editing services, which include, image manipulation, image clipping, photo retouching, masking and color correction. Our prepress production team uses the latest imaging software to provide our prepress customers with quality services. We can provide your organization with this entire range of pre press solutions or we can also provide you with the prepress service that you desire. The following are a list of digital prepress services that we provide at Outsource to india.

Image Manipulation Services

If your organization is spending a lot of time, effort and resources on image manipulation, then outsourcing image manipulation services to GFM can help you concentrate on core business functions. We are skilled at enhancing and correcting images. Our expert photo retouching and photo alteration services can convert your images into good-looking masterpieces. At GFM, we have a skilled team of prepress production specialists who can proficiently convert photos into paintings, pencil sketches or cartoons, add persons to groups, edit red eye, change the eye color, replace backgrounds, crop, enlarge, remove jagged edges, replace objects, remove objects, add objects, remove flaws and add watermarks. Our prepress production services can increase your level of customer satisfaction, as your clients will be pleased with an enhanced view of their services, amenities, equipment, facilities, infrastructure and products amongst others.

Image Clipping Services

If your organization or design studio has hundreds of photographs waiting to be clipped, then you have come to the right place. At GFM, we are skilled at providing image clipping services for global customers who required prepress services. Our prepress production team has extensive experience on clipping paths for product shots. Just send us the images to be clipped and we will clip the vector path around the object and make the image usable for web and print purposes.

Photo Retouching Services

Our expert photo retouching services can give your business a competitive edge. Outsource prepress solutions to GFM and we will transform your images and make them look appealing. By removing distractions, covering unwanted elements, changing the contrast, removing spots, increasing/decreasing the brightness and removing unwanted backgrounds we can make your photograph flawless.

Masking Services

Outsource prepress services to GFM, if you are looking for masking services. Our competent prepress production professionals can retouch faces in an image, include chrome beveled text, perform color correction, create backgrounds for images, adjust the tonal balance, change the hue saturation effect, adjust the duotone, increase/decrease the glow, increase/decrease luster and adjust the hair color amongst others. Outsource prepress solutions to GFM and benefit from our skilled masking services.

Find out about the prepress services infrastructure that we use at GFM.

Outsource prepress services to GFM and benefit from flawless photographs. With our color correction services, we can make your image look brighter and more appealing. We can correct the color in the background, the color of eyes or any other element in the image. Our color correction services also include saturation and de-saturation services. Our color correction services can give your photographs a good visual impact. Outsource prepress solutions to GFM for impressive-looking photographs.

Outsource to GFM for all your prepress requirements and benefit from flawless photographs that can make an impact on your customers.

Benefits of outsourcing prepress services to GFM

Concentrate more on your critical business functions

Save on investing in expensive software and technology

Save on cost, time & effort

Get access to professional prepress services

Quick turnaround time

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