A Digital Marketing Company that specialises in seo services, social media marketing, pay per click, web development, web design, graphic design UK, photo retouching, 2d animation, 3d animation, 3d visualisation, data entry services, wedding services, catalogue printing, booklet printing, brochure printing, booklet printing and much more that delivers a high return on spend for maximum profitability.

Book Printing

GFM designer, book printing UK, book printing companies was specifically designed for self-publishing authors. Book Printing in full colour and high quality black & white. Using Machines that produce ultra high quality print, we are able to offer book printing in Full Colour, Black and White or any variation.With the assistance of our dedicated team, we provide our global clients quality book printing services. Quality paper, quality inks and quality binding are the foundation of our quality printing. Under this range, we offer clients both soft cover books as well as hard cover books printing services.

Fully automated machines for cutting, folding, saddle stitching, perfect binding, smyth sewn and cover drawn on, hard cover binding are available. We can also take up specialized projects like Bibles and Books bound with leather or PVC covering material. Finishing we offer includes: Lamination (cold / thermal), Scruff Proof Varnish, Spot and Aqueous UV coating, Gold and Colored foiling and stamping, embossing, die cutting, edge guilding.

Book Printing in Soft or Hard Back

There are a wide range of options for printing your books; these include Laminated Softback, Colour Hardback with a dust jacket and material covers. Self Publishing Self publishing and low volume book printing are an ideal combination. There is no need for self publishing authors to print large quantities of books, to get a great price. It is now possible for self publishing authors to produce their books in low volumes, allowing them to see if the market takes to the authors book.Apart from just printing books for self publishing authors, our experienced team also offers high quality typesetting services, taking your manuscript into a professional format before printing. Our graphic design team can create high impact book cover designs from your ideas, as well as generate any marketing material you require to further promote your work. Self publishing is the future of book publishing – no longer are self publishing authors forced to try to find an elusive publishing deal to see their book in print. High Quality Book Printing

We use state of the art digital printing presses and produces books that are of “Retail Quality”. We offer book
      printing for ANY type of book that you may want to publish.
These include: Novels, Children’s books, History Books, Recipe Books and Academic Books.
Book Printing is also offered to a wide range of companies or publishers that may want to “test” the market before
      they commit to printing tens of thousands of books.
Book Printing is offered to:Self Publishing Authors Companies that produce in-house training manuals or magazines
      Publishing Companies

Students that want a Thesis or Dissertation Printed Individuals that want to publish “Poetry” or “Memoirs”

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