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What is pay per click (PPC)?


Pay per click is a type of search engine marketing where businesses pay a set amount of money for an advert with a pay per click services provider and every time their PPC advert is clicked upon by a prospective customer, the company has to pay the pay per click service provider. Pay per click adverts are shown in the sponsored links advertising section which appears on the top and right hand side of the screen on many search engines for specific keywords. Pay per click advertising from PPC service providers can be an ideal way to create instant visibility and targeted website traffic for your website.

GFM designer, a PPC agency, we can help you use your allocated budget for using pay per click services for advertising more effectively. Our pay per click management team believes that to make the most of the pay per click services available;  you must target the best key phrases at the best PPC advertising price. Your pay per click set up will be managed by our specialist PPC management team, we ensure your campaign targets the correct geographical locations and is run at the correct times. Providing a significant return on investment from our pay per click services and creating cost effective PPC advertising accounts is central to the approach to pay per click management.


Our PPC Management Process:

Instant results – pay per click, PPC set up can be implemented quickly to instantly generate immediate visibility and traffic.

Highly targeted advertising – the traffic that comes to your website is more relevant because they have been specially searching for that keyword.

Cost control – you can allocate as little or as much budget for your pay per Click, you see fit and can adjust this PPC budget daily

Geographic advertising – your pay per click, PPC advertising campaign can be managed in such a way that it targets geographic locations. For example if you only wanted to target Brighton or the UK then this is possible.

Competitive advantage – Pay per click allow any company, big or small, to compete and gain premium search engine positions.

Tracking success – see what keywords are driving the most traffic to your site so you can allocate or adjust your PPC budget to optimise your PPC account for maximum effect.

Bespoke PPC Strategy – we immerse ourselves in your company and industry.

Building Successful Campaigns – we select highly targeted keywords & ad groups and unique creatives that will drive the highest quality traffic to your website. 

Refining Campaigns – setting up a pay per click campaign is the beginning. We continously refine/expand as necessary in order to improve CPC and CTR. reduce cost and drive ROI even higher. 

Our Approach:

Strategy & Objectives – develop a realistic strategy to achieve the desired results at an affordable cost per click (CPC). 

Keyword Research – develop tightly themed campaigns and adgroups of relevant search phrases to target for your products and/or services. 

Bid Mangement & Optimisation – manual and automatic bid adjustment, keyword and match type expansion, ad copy trialling and landing page optimisation are all important ways to increase conversion rates. - 

Tracking & Reporting – integrated tracking and analytic tools such as Google Analytics, to more advanced automatic bid management and analytic solutions for enterprise level clients. 

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