Process (tried, tested and perfected.)


You'll have aims and we need to understand these fully.

Tricky Middle Space

Equally, your
users have
hopes and expectations.

We work in that tricky middle space.

At its simplest,
we may paw over some statistics.

Alternatively, we'll be facilitating a series of focus groups and undertaking ethnographic studies.


We'll map out a logical site structure and prioritise content accordingly.

We’ll be thinking about what the ideal journey looks like for each type of user, and also the aims of your organisation.

We may involve potential users during this exercise, particularly in terms of taxonomy.

Following on, a specification document is created and the project milestones are established.

We appreciate that there's several people involved at your end. For this reason, we'll identify where the key activity points are likely to be and work with you to ensure they fit around the availability of your project team.


Humans are visual creatures.

We like to see something and interact
with it to understand it further.

They're predictable too.

We knew you wouldn't be able to resist.

There's always more than one right way.
Prototyping stimulates discussion around a range of routes.

Starting life as sketches, they develop into clickable wireframes.


Our approach is one of collaboration,
flexibility and empathy.

Designing for various user expectations whilst balancing these against your aims is a challenge.

A challenge which shouldn't be made more complex by arbitrary technical restraints or a rigid delivery process.

Our suggestions are based on substance.

We design for people - human beings that make decisions based on their prior experiences, hopes and expectations.
Our suggestions are based on substance.

Can we shape their behaviour?
Of course, but how far we challenge them is a decision we make together.



We use a number of techniques depending on the project type and scale. At its simplest, discussing the build with just one potential user can be extremely valuable. Ideally however, our usability tests include moderated or un-moderated task analysis, focus groups and independent specialist evaluation. We often facilitate the usability tests at a nearby interaction lab which also features eye tracking technology.


Once the development is housed in its live environment, we perform load tests to ensure that it can handle potential spikes in traffic.



We work alongside one of the UK's leading web accessibility organisations. Aside from general help and advice, they provide a range of services including accessibility assessments. You need to reach the widest possible audience, and by involving our partner organisation, this will ensure that any barriers are removed prior to launch. They also offer a nationally recognised accreditation scheme.


We'll deploy the finished build
on a server of your choosing
or with one of our hosting partners.

If we've developed your content management system, we also provide on-site training for your key administrators along with a handy user guide.

Also, should you have an in-house technical team, we are happy to provide them with all the guidance they require to modify the technical aspects of the build on-going.

We develop bespoke solutions using open source technologies which mitigates any potential tie in on your part.

However, that said, we would ideally love to become your partner web agency.

The development is yours. You paid for it, and we believe that you should hold the Intellectual Property Rights.


We offer 24/7 email support
via a ticketing system...


...and telephone support
during working hours.

All developments are accompanied with a Service Level Agreement. This covers any bugs or errors that arise, including those due to the advancement of online technologies, for example a new browser release.


We recommend a review between
three and six months on, to discuss
how the website is performing in
the context of your aims.

We know you’re busy. Your overwhelming enthusiasm and excitement may wain after launch as realistically people continue with other day to day activities.

We’ll arrive armed with statistics, research and suggestions.

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