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Children Printing

We have an array of Children’s Text books. These are colorful and magnificently presented. In the past, we have produced books for singing lessons, for science lessons and for general knowledge purposes. These books, which Gold Printing have been producing since our company began, can enhance children' knowledge and can help them to understand the world all around them.
Our books can assist children in their "hand-eye coordination, their verbal ability, their observation skills, their attention span, their ability to reason and their overall ability to retain information. These six are considered the bedrock of children’s memory skills. We understand how precious children are – to their parents, to their families and to educators. We therefore take this work extremely seriously, providing options for our customers which allow them to make children’s products as educational as they are entertaining. Our mission is to provide the best possible service, support, and quality to our customers. If you aren’t happy with the final products, we are not happy. With children’s books – one of our proud specialties - we strive to find the balance between knowledge and entertainment that all children need to progress.

Child Painting Projects Toddlers & Kids Painting Fun- Rain or Shine! A Starting Point...

A kids easel, good art smock, supply of large sheets of paper and a nice shady spot in the garden, or on a porch or balcony are a perfect starting point for a whole range of child painting and coloring projects. Your kids will love nothing more than your praise and seeing their creations being hung. Your only challenge will be to find enough space on your fridge for all the artwork! Child painting is always a favorite activity for youngsters.

Recommended Paints

When selecting paints it is advisable to avoid watercolors for younger children. Toddlers are better suited to poster paints, paint blocks, or powder paints which can be thickened with flour or soap flakes. Children of around 2-3 years old only need one colour to paint with. Slightly older kids are better with two to four colours, each in a separate non-spill pot with its own brush. Non-spill pots are well worth buying as they reduce the amount of paint you use as well as greatly reducing mess.

Creative Paint Projects

Apart from standard painting with paintbrushes there are a vast number of creative paint projects that your kids can undertake simply using household objects. Straws, rags, hands and feet, and even vegetables can be used, as can various paints for different effects. See below for more detailed help with individual projects. TIP- I tend to keep painting projects outdoors so that my kids can enjoy themselves without having to worry about any accidents. If they are painting inside then make sure your floors are well covered to avoid tears (from you or your kids!). Start with simpler projects and as you become comfortable with the levels of mess you can move your kids onto the messier ideas. Don't get too concerned about your kids getting paint on themselves- my daughter has painted her entire body green, to be a dinosaur ofcourse! After my initial shock I just squirted her down with the hose and made

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