Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing has now grown to become one of the most important and effective methods of encouraging site traffic and engaging with your target audiences. However many people are wondering what should be done and what steps need to be taken.

Here at GFM designer, SEO services, SEO Services London, we’re passionate about social media. We’ve been managing many successful online marketing campaigns for years. For social media marketing campaigns we have a structured and flexible approach. We fully understand the need not to force the issues but rather to engage with people in social media through a conversational and intelligent approach.

We already run social media marketing campaigns for a number of organisations. Our team are knowledgeable, experienced and sensitive to the needs of the medium. When carrying out social media marketing campaigns we recommend that the following steps should be taken:

Campaign planning; define strategy and policies

Agree your social media marketing toolbox; these are the essential requirements that need putting in place before the campaign begins

Identify your primary listening posts; we can work with you to identify these, explain their importance and discuss how they should be used.

We can help you work with many social media sites including:

Content; Plan content and develop this content so that it is interesting and compelling. Research and agree any key messages

Multi-media; if required develop multi-media content to support your messages, brand, campaign or profile e.g. video and audio.

User contribution systems; plan and deploy User Contribution Systems (UCS) if possible to encourage customer engagement.

Blogs; our technical team can set up a blog for you and our content team can either train you how to write for it or we can write the content for you.

Buzz metrics; using excellent software tools we can help you measure the effects of your social media marketing on your website and brand profile.

Reputation management; we can put software in place so that you know what people are saying about then respond to any adverse opinions.

Making it all work together; we can help you integrate it all together so that it works to drive more traffic to your site, increases the number of sales and enquiries generated from the site and makes your site more visible.

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