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GFM offers you high quality hire services in Search Engine Marketing and Pay per Click service. We provide Full-Time/Part-Time/Hour-Basis/Project-Basis SEM & PPC Experts to help you in promoting your business through paid search engine marketing in Google Adword, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Business Centre.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most effective way of promoting the business and to generate more income with less efforts. TGRPL is the very right place to Hire Search Engine Marketing Professional or Hire PPC Experts. TGRPL can analyze your keywords and can provide you the most effective PPC campaign for your business in a very market where cutthroat competition exists.

GFM shortlists the candidates suited to the specification briefed by our clients. The client selects the PPC campaigners by interviewing the candidates by telephone call or video conference. The client can hire these resources for a fixed period of time. Clients have the ultimate control over the work of the offshore team as they update the work report on a weekly basis.

Following are the distinctive features of TGRPL's PPC campaign:

The immediate (hardly 15 minutes) visibility of published PPC ads created by us.

Well targeted and most appropriate traffic will be diverted to your website soon.

Pay only if the visitor clicks on your paid ad.

Giving you complete authority in selecting keywords.

Our PPC campaign provides you the perfect support in your organic SEO complain

Our PPC experts provide optimized traffic diversion to your website

Diversion of effective traffic to your website.

Research for better keywords which enhance the popularity of your website from the SEO point of view is efficiently done by TGRPL PPC experts

Set up of the PPC accounts at TGRPL by our well experienced PPC experts.

Creative designing and testing of the landing page.

Enable you to understand the pattern of work by reporting to you weekly or monthly

You can ensure a definite growth in your business with all these benefits of the PPC campaign at TGRPL. You can gain from this PPC campaign by hiring the TGRPL’s highly experienced PPC campaign team that possesses immense knowledge, experience & expertise in optimizing the PPC campaigns. The most effectual keywords are used to manipulate and thereby providing increased popularity to your website by our PPC experts.

Best SEO experience and skills.

Hold master degree in computer applications.

Copywriting and editing skills

Familiarity in working for the E-commerce websites for products and service marketing

Experience in HTML, XHTML and other related web development technologies.

What are the Benefits of hiring Dedicated SEM Professionals - TGRPL?

PPC experts with excellent communication skills

Save up to 70% of the onshore development cost

You can utilize our flexible working hours

TGRPL provides you the top-notch infrastructure & facilities

Daily external back up facility

Firewall protection to the Network

Dedicated team leader

SKYPE, YAHOO, MSN availability during working hours

High-speed Broadband

Provides 24x7 services

Offers work 8 hours per day and 5 days in a week

Daily/weekly/monthly updates & reports so that you can keep a track of our work for your website & business.


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