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We are extremely knowledgeable in all things web related, web site applications From our Surrey Studio, our ethos is not building websites that are off the shelf templates. We are not just web programmers but experienced graphic designers, which means we create visually stunning well branded websites.

We love a challenge. We are one off the few agencies that have the technical skills, flexibility to enable you to choose the best solution. We have a sizeable team of PHP developers, which is well-versed in Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) & AJAX. Experience and comfort using PEAR and other open source libraries to reduce the time spent in development. Skills in user interface design - making backend systems user-friendly. We have pool of web developers dealing in all the open source technologies including PHP, ASP, .Net, AJAX and Linux. All of our PHP developers work on Linux using the robust Open Source IDE, Eclipse and test the application on all the browsers from Mozilla to IE.

Development and Popularity in PHP

With hardly any publicity, PHP has swept the Web. PHP can now be found on close to 8 million domains, and is growing at a rate of up to 15% each month. PHP is available on over 42% of Apache Web servers - the most common server on the Web. 

Advantages Of PHP /MYSQL

It is compatible with all operating system

PHP is ideal for web programming

It provides high performance

Features native support for most popular databases

Creates dynamic web pages

It is light weight

Multi-language support

Everything is 100% remotely configurable


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