Measurement and Analytics

Number Crunching:

We love analysing data. Our team of measurements and analytics experts are statisticians looking for new ways to turn data into opportuinities ROI. Paid, earned and owned media tell you what is working and what's not and how to improve.

Attribution Analysis:

We can measure consumer journey end to end capturing all of the media they are exposed and how each channel affects your goals. Put your money to work. Attribution analysis measures past performance. Website analytics and traffic measurement software help website owners and search engine marketing companies to study the behaviour of visitors to a specific website. Website analytics packages can provide information about where visitors come from and how they interact with your website and track their movements through your website. The main website analytics packages that are available are Google Analytics, Nedstats and Coremetrics

Website Analytics:

Help benchmark the success of any marketing or search engine marketing campaigns

Help make future marketing decisions based on customer behaviour

Monitor the movement of visitors around your website

Learn what customers do and adjust content to meet their needs

Adjust strategies according to what works

Identify non-effective strategies and drop them

Profit from informed advertising and content management decisions

Understanding this website traffic and visitor behaviour is crucial to managing a website and an efficient search engine marketing campaign. By tracking this information, website analytics allows you to track the performance of any marketing or search engine marketing campaigns.

Companies are recognising that the investment they make in creating and/ or marketing their websites using search engine optimisation requires a means of measuring the return on that investment. If you are carrying out a search engine marketing campaign such as pay per click then this information will allow you to know which keywords are working, which advert text is the most effective, and where your visitors are dropping off during the conversion process.

Website analytics packages can provide website owners and search engine marketing companies with a marketing tool that allows them to carry out behavioural profiling, customer segmentation and targeted search engine marketing to improve productivity and profitability. From a search engine optimisation stand point website analytics allows you to benchmark the traffic you are currently receiving compared to the new level of traffic a professional SEO campaign can generate for you.


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