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You're busy; we respect that, so here are the facts.We are multi-channel full services digital marketing agency in Surrey, award winning web design in Surrey. We make creative solutions that exceed your expectations at every point of delivery. We have unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism, and attention to detail. Produce a higher quality output.

We don't just make pretty things, we engage your users by creating brilliant and  innovative designs. We have proven competencies in custom software development, iPhone Mobile App development, ASP.Net, Open Source, PHP, web application development. Expertise in the design and development of robust and scalable web and mobile applications development. Leaders in: Web 2.0 design, Social Network design and development, Community web portal development, eCommerce solutions. Custom software product development, ERP, CRM, CMS software development and maintenance services. 



We love what we do! We listen to your ideas and blend them with our experience; which lets us develop the right concept and approach for your project.
Our energy and resource — creative and technical—are focussed to fully understand and meet your needs with solutions that will blow the socks of you and your audience.
We have produced hundreds of successful projects from simple to the highly complex, local to global. We work across many sectors from TV and entertainment to corporate and training.
Our experience with new techniques and technology will give you maximum impact and a tangible return on investment. Contact us now to discuss your requirement.

Talk to us, come and meet us - we are sure you will like what you find:

Although based in the UK, Surrey we work for clients, mainly large and medium sized throughout the world. We're currently working on many projects.

The people who run GFM designer have all had more than ten years experience working with the web.

We employ the best people we can find and then look after them. We believe we have the best team in the industry.

The team at GFM designer have built and run marketing campaigns for many hundreds of sites. GFM designer are a leader in the field of search and email marketing. We're also very good at design, development and ecommerce. We're growing very quickly. 

Digital Journey:

From inception to delivery our clients see us as a safe pair of hands. Our open approach benefits our clients, as we guide them through emerging technologies and unfamiliar environments to maximise the return on investment. We are one of the most experienced digital production teams in the UK, so let us help you on your next digital journey! 




Some clients are experienced with digital - others less so. Either way you'll have our full attention from day one. We help define the content, technologies and approach to ensure maximum impact.
From initial script to final delivery we work with you every step of the way. With all production resource in-house, you will find our attentive creative team a joy to work with.
We are self-confessed perfectionists and care passionately about the quality of our work. By having a structured review and testing process gives all your stakeholders peace of mind.
Delivering great work to clients is always a way to get a big smile. The feedback we get is always incredible, most notably because we continue to exceed expectations.
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