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Our experience when dealing with distinct market sectors means that we are well positioned to serve the print requirements of:

Educational organisations

Religious publishers

Marketing and design agencies

Sports groups and bodies

Children's book publishers

Engineering and Construction

Professional bodies and organisations

Featured industry:

Children's Book Printing

Children's book publishers and authors use our services

Customer Testimonials

I have been working with GFM designer for many years now, and over the past year we have won many of the book projects we have pitched for.

We always succeed because of the professional service and high quality books we deliver in conjunction with GFM designer. The team are a very experienced professional and a pleasure to work with.

One of the Panel’s requirements has always been that the cost of its publications had to be well within a range that would be acceptable to an intended audience made up largely of those who do not normally purchase technical documents.

This has been achieved in every case and the Panel’s guides are sold in large numbers at prices well below that generally expected of high quality technical publications.

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