Multivariate Testing

Improving Website Conversions by Multvariate Testing or A/B Testing:

The sustenance and profitability of any business depends a lot on how its results are monitored and measured. Multivariate Testing is a quantitative way to measure and influence the visitors ’ user experience. It does not employ guesswork and survey. Every process in Multivariate testing is conducted in a live environment. In simple terms it can be correlated with A/B tests performed on one page at a time. This way it can measure the effectiveness of your online presence by monitoring a combination of its elements such as website content, promotional activities, landing pages, navigation, and a variety of performance matrices such as revenue generation and increase/decrease of membership.

Multivariate Testing often deconstructs many myths related to the poor performance of your online business. Is your landing page registering a reduced number of visitors day by day? Is there reduction in conversion rates? If so, it is high time you answered the problems. The remedy for such a situation is an A/B testing of your website or a multivariate testing on landing pages.

You might wonder if MVT and A/B Testing are complicated processes, whether your IT people can deploy it properly, and whether they are affordable to you. Don’t panic, sometimes it can be as easy, as simple, and as affordable as installing any third-party software on the server. Besides, the cost of MVT or A/B Testing also depends on how much functionalities you want, such as graphs and charts. You can buy only a selective features of a testing - MVT or A/B, cutting down the cost further. However, if yours is a grave situation, then you should better be in the safe hands of an experienced service provider.

Multivariate Testing or A/B Testing?

Mentioning Multivariate Testing and A/B Testing together might sound some technical-mumbo-jumbo, but in reality the similarities and the differences between them are quite simple. The similarity between them is that both are testing processes. And the major difference between A/B and Multivariate Testing lies in how they work - AB testing can process only one part of your landing (sales) page at a time, whereas Multivariate testing can test as many pages and sections as you like, all at the same time.

Do I Still Need Multivariate Testing while I am Doing Good?

Do I Still Need Multivariate Testing while I am Doing Good?

Ok. Let Me In

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