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SEO Myth

Top SEO Mistakes & Myths

Is search engine optimisation (SEO) confusing in the mirage of new Google updates, Panda, Penguin 2.0 recently. Top mistakes and misconceptions will be highlighted in this article which is a vital component in your digital marketing strategy.


1. SEO is NOT complex!


It takes a very skilled professional to understand how to rank a website highly - and consistently. Over 200 and more different elements Google takes into account, what do search engines look for, SEO is actually about understanding how search engines rank a website.


2. Once is NOT enough! Sustained Change!


Your business is constantly changing, a strategy that reassesses your target keywords. SEO, is not a simple one off exercise; constant, sustained effort is required as Google is constantly changing the rules of indexing websites, your website will need to evolve with the changing curve. 


3. Is SEO quick and simple as many promise?


To acheive the coveted page 1, highly ranked trusted website listing can take many months, even many sustained years of work.  


4. Cheap Website Templates - What about a off-the-shelf website with 'SEO built in'?


The key component of SEO strategy is how a website is programmed from ground up, considerations of how the code is developed will inform SEO strategy. If buying an off-the-shelf website was all it takes to rank highly on the search engines, than all website businesses will automatically be successful; but thats not the case!


5. I am on page 1 results page, job done! Are you sure?


Relevant converting traffic is crucial; not page 1 listed results for a search term no one is searching for. 


6. It works for them! Why isn't it working for us?


A tailor made website and SEO plan is fundamental to your SEO strategy. Another business or even a competitor may adopt a strategy, that doesn't mean thats the best way forward for your business.  


In summary


Bespoke strategy that evolves, target keywords that are converting. Invest time and money in a well built website as the Google positions demand time and effort and the key component of patience. 





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