Video Production

Video Production

A corporate video is almost commonplace in the digital age. Well produced videos are compelling and digestible and are a great way to showcase your business and bring your brand to life. By placing a video on your website’s homepage, there is a greater chance of capturing your visitor’s attention by encouraging them to watch a video as opposed to reading a paragraph of text.

With the right angle and the right message, you can get across your business aims, objectives and offer in a short space of time and once the customer knows who you are and what you do from the start, they may be more inclined to spend more time on your site. Essential for turning visitors into customers.

Key Benefits of the GFM Designer Service

Skilled design studio to create bespoke animations and movement on websites.

Constant research in to emerging techniques, methods and options.

The Facts

Online video ads have a 65% general recall compared to 46% for TV ads. Brand recall online is also higher at 50% compared to TV 28%. Consistently online ads had more impact on consumers. (source: Nielsen video study via E-consultancy blog April 2010)

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